Puget Sound Spring Regatta

This was the first ’round the buoy’ regatta for Image. Two days of intense racing. Races were set up to last 60 mins and the goal was to sail 4-6 races a day.

We had a couple of crew changes for the two days. Image raced on the south course with 4 other boats in our class. Our PHRF rating was the fastest in the class.

Ethan driving
Ethan driving

It’s fair to say we learned a lot. It turns out Image is a handful to take around the buoys, especially downwind. Our spinnaker work needs quite a lot of improvement, but we made some good progress during the regatta.

Notable events:

  • We had a couple of good upwind legs and were able to get ahead of the fleet
  • John got us one really flawless start
  • We need to label or color code lines. In one race, we dropped the jib halyard instead of the spinnaker halyard. The jib luff tape got stuck in the headfoil and we had to go back to the dock in order to fix it
  • We skied the spinnaker topping lift, but were able to retrieve it by making a bosun’s chair out of a dock line and sending John aloft
Steve making a Bosun's Chair out of a docking line
Steve making a Bosun’s Chair out of a docking line
John going aloft
John going aloft

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